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  • Respond to the Somali famine crisis!

    Thousands of Somalian refugees are arriving every day at Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp located near the border of Somalia in Kenya. More than 12 million people are suffering from drought in the Horn of Africa and the UN has declared famine. Tens of thousands have died from malnutrition and more than 50% of the children are seriously malnourished. 

    FilmAid provides lifesaving information to people in the camps and to do this, they need to make more films and make them faster. FilmAid needs your help to get new cameras, sound and editing equipment, and increase turnaround time to respond to this crisis. 

    I’m an intern at FilmAid and I completely love it. This organization does really amazing work and I can guarantee that any money donated will go towards improving lives in the Dadaab refugee camp and around the world. 

    Click here to donate! 

    Click here to learn more about FilmAid!

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